Custom DTF Transfers


Home of the $24.99 – 22″x60″ DTF transfers. Upload your artwork, purchase and heat press your design.

Direct to Film printing is the latest trend in printing. Full color graphics are printed on a transfer film, then using a heat press the print is transferred onto a final product. The process is superior to DTG printing as it can be done on polyester blends as well as cotton, and the prints aren’t as thick as Plastisol prints giving a softer feel. DTF can even be used on products that used to be limited to cut and weeded graphics like hats, tote bags, mugs and much much more!

White ink is available on our transfers, allowing for contoured graphics. The graphics are backed with a flood white so they work on light and dark garments. The transfers are stable and can be stored for later use allowing you to print now and apply on demand!

We only accept PNG files for this product.
Artwork should be submitted with transparent backgrounds.

  • PNG Only
  • File must be transparent background
  • Require ⅛” safety margin along all edges to avoid print cut off in trimming
  • Gang up designs on your artboard to utilize the square footage price (e.g. repeat the same design on the artboard to maximize cost)
  • 5/0 color printing
  • Max size 22” x 60”
  • Transfers will be trimmed to ordered size
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Custom DTF Transfers

Only size available at an amazing price.

Recommend minimum 300dpi
Save file as .png file format with a transparent background
For optimal touch, knockout as much color as possible
Your file will be printed as it is sent to us.
We print the file reversed and ready for transfer. If you do not wish it to be flipped please let us know.

Our DTF is suitable for hot or cold peel. For best results, we recommend cold/room temp peel. Heat, pressure, and time should be adjusted according to individual machines and substrates. The following are general recommendations for reference only.

  • Pressure: 35-50 PSI
  • Pre-Press: 5-7 seconds until moisture is gone
  • Press: 290-320℉ 10-20 seconds
  • Post-Press: 5-7 seconds with a teflon sheet or other preferred material