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How to create a gang sheet :

Step 1. Download your template at https://dtfprintsnearme.com/templates/

Step 2. Go to where you downloaded the template, right click Open with Photoshop or your favorite design software.

Step 3. Add your artwork on to the template.

Step 4. Turn off white layer (template)

Step 5. Save as .PNG with 300 DPI

Step 6. Go to https://dtfprintsnearme.com/product/custom-dtf-transfer/
Pick your size that matches your template, upload your gang sheet artwork, complete the steps to purchase.


Give yourself 1/4″ from left and right sides. 
Turn off template layer, so you don’t end up with white that is not meant to be in your design.

Save As: PNG

300 DPI Resolution

We print your designs as submitted.

Click on the size template you need, a white image will pop up, right click Save As. Save it in your preferred destination. Arrange your gang sheet, turn off white layer. Save as PNG with 300 DPI

For really large files like the 23″x60 and 23″x72″ templates, we recommend www.Wetransfer.com  upload your files use Support@DtfPrintsNearMe.com for the recipient. 

We will not print copyright material. We will refuse and cancel orders and refund minus whatever costs have occurred if any.


11.5″x12″ is for 1 image only
tshirt mockup
Click here to download our T-shirt Mockup

Click here for t-shirt mockup

Download and unzip files. 

This mockup will open in Photoshop. (.PSD)